Landgraaf -The Netherlands 27-31 March 2017


Monday 27th March

Packed lunch by host family!

8:30 Welcome in Martinzaal
8:45-9:30 “Ice-breaker” students / walk around the school for teachers
9:30-10:10 Presentations by Dutch students about “the educational system in the Netherlands”:

  • Lieke Vervuren, Carmen Houben, Manou Hellebrand and Michelle Hondong: ‘Charlemagne College Eijkhagen’
  • Sarah Hafez, Vera Engelen and Lotte Franck: ‘Primary and secondary education
  • Carolien Scherpbier, Jarne Erkens, Veerle Maar and Kimberly Fellings: ’Higher education’
10:10-10:30 Break
10:30-12:00 Visit to the Town Hall in Landgraaf
12:00-12:45 Break
12:45-15:30 Visit to chemical company SABIC in Sittard-Geleen
16:00 –  20:00 Free time in Sittard
± 17:45 Back at school


Tuesday 28th March


8:00 Departure to Maastricht University
9:00-14:00 Program Maastricht University:

  • Presentation about Problem-Based Learning (PBL)
  • UM Science Quest
  • Problem-Based Learning Simulation in small groups
  • Lunch (prepared by UM)
  • Interactive lecture: “How it is to Live, Study and Work in a Foreign EU country”
  • Evaluation and conclusion
City walk and free time in the old center of Maastricht
± 16:45 Back at school
19:00-21:30 Joined tapas dinner prepared by all involved host families in school



Wednesday 29th March

Packed lunch by host family!

“How it is… to work in Landgraaf, Kerkrade and Heerlen”

9:00-12:00 Students follow an internship at a company, school or office during the morning
12:45 Back at school
12:45-13:30 Break at school
13:30-15:00 Students write a report concerning their “traineeship during the morning”, computer room 510/512.
Results will be published in school.
15:00-15:30 Presentation by Mrs. Odita: ‘Developing teachers’ perceptions of creativity (higher apprenticeship)’


Thursday 30th March


8:15 Departure to the Town Hall of Landgraaf by foot (all involved teachers and students)
8:45-10:45 Conference in Pinkpopzaal Town Hall:

  1. Mr. Sam Reneerkens (student bilingual course): ’A world of difference’
  2. Mr. Jos van Eyk (headmaster Eijkhagen): ‘The Netherlands and the water’
  3. Mr. Harry Trimbos (manager European projects, Tourist Information):
    ‘Parkstad Limburg Tourism for Tomorrow winner 2016/Transition from black to green’
  4. Mr. Jan Smeets (founder/director Pinkpop): ‘Mister Pinkpop’
11:15 Departure to Zuyd Hogeschool Maastricht
12.00-15:30 Program Zuyd Hogeschool:

  • Lunch (prepared by Zuyd Hogeschool)
  • Cocktail Party’ including intercultural communication
15:30-17:30 Visit to Liège (Belgium)
± 18:15 Back at school


Friday 31th March

Packed lunch by host family!

8:30-9:20 Filling in questionnaires/evaluation, only by students and teachers from abroad (multi media centre)
9:20-9:45 Presentation by Daan Pollaert, Lotte Bemelmans en Dewi Offermans:
‘How it is to live, study and work in Togo’ (Martinzaal)
9:45-10:30 Break
10:30 Departure to coal mines in Blegny (Belgium). We really go down into the mines!
± 15:45 Back at school


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