Corona is keeping Europe in its grip

Dear Friends,
Corona is keeping Europe in its grip. Hopefully you and your loved ones are okay. Most countries have closed schools or have taken measures to reduce the numbers of students attending school. The situation has its influence on our network as well. On the 1st of October we have planned our AGM in Spain, where we also wanted to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of our network. Unfortunately we have to inform you that this event cannot take place. Schools in Spain will be closed until September and the restrictions in Spain are quite severe. Because of that we have to postpone the AGM. Not knowing how the situation in Europe will develop, we cannot set a new date yet. 
Not meeting each other in person doesn’t mean we can’t have a meeting. We will plan a videoconference on the 1th of October 2020 in the afternoon. (Please save the date!) You will receive more information about this in the first week of September. 
Keep safe!
Best regards,

J.P.M. (Jos) van Eyk

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