Aims of Educational Cooperation 

  • To focus on both the student and teachers of the partner schools.
  • To involve the wider school community in the activities of partner schools.
  • To provide a forum for the exchange of educational ideas.
  • To increase and facilitate opportunities for language exchanges.
  • To share experience of, and potential partners for, Comenius projects.
  • To create multinational projects offered by individual schools.
  • To share experiences of wider international ventures (e.g. United Nations, or continental environmental programmes).
  • To give mutual assistance in finding student work experience placements abroad.
  • To offer study in a foreign school.
  • Every school intends to be involved in at least one project per year.
  • Each year participating schools send a summary of their project to the committee who will compile and distribute a network brochure.
  • All schools will produce an occasional newsletter via the secretary, giving useful current information about their school and area.
  • Participation in a project should be recognised in a student’s overall progress report and a network certificate awarded.
  • Students of participating schools must abide by host school rules and observe instructions from ALL school personnel.
  • Accommodation will be offered in families on a reciprocal basis.