Rovigo 11-15 April 2016 Link Photogallery and program




Sunday 10th April

Arrival of groups during the day (except the English)

Dinner free (there is the opportunity to eat in the hotel restaurant, if anyone wants)

Monday 11th April

8.00  guests at Liceo Celio auditorium

8.30 Headteacher ‘s  welcome

9.00 Italian students’ presentations

10.00  Cifir representative’s talk “The main features of Polesine economy”

11.30 Town Hall. Meeting the Mayor

12.30- 14.30 lunch break (students at school for picnic lunch /teachers at fast food restaurant)

14.30 teachers and students go to bus station. (+ 4 Italian students)

14.00  English team’s  arrival at railway station

14.45 Departure to Ceregnano.

15.00-17.00 Company visit TMB(engineering firm)

17.30 Return to bus station

20.00 Dinner at “Ai Trani” restaurant

Tuesday 12th April

7.45. Bus station Departure to Bergamo University

11.00-13.00  Seminar: Apprenticeship contracts and people’s comprehensive education; Validation of non-formal and informal learning in school-to-work transitions

13.00 Lunch break

14.00-16.00 Seminar: Examples of PhD students’ experiences during their doctor’s degree

16.15 Departure to Rovigo

19.00 Back to bus station

Dinner: free

Wednesday 13th April

8.00 Students at  school (Celio)

8.10 to bus station

8.30 departure to (Gaibanella) Ferrara

9.30-12.00  Company visit to Berluti (fashion menswear manufacturing business)

12.00 Transfer to Ferrara

12.30-14.30 free time for lunch

14.30-16.00 guided tour of town centre

16-17.00 free time in town centre

17.00 departure to Rovigo

17.45 Back in Rovigo

20.00  Students’ Pizza at RE Artù  /teachers’ organised dinner with Headteacher and some colleagues at Alicanto restaurant


Thursday 14th April

7.45 All students and teachers  straight to bus station.  Departure to Roncade (TV)

9.30-12.00 company visit H-Farm ( A platform for the digitalization of Italian companies.)

12.00-13.00 lunch break

13.00-13.40 bus to Mestre railway station

13.50 Mestre train into Venice (10 minutes) (all groups will have provided their return  tickets at Rovigo station the day before € 2.50)

14.00-18.00 guided tour of the city

18.05 back to Mestre by train

18.30 return to Rovigo by bus

19.30 arrival Rovigo

Dinner: free

Friday 15th April

8.00 all students and teachers at Roccati School  auditorium

8.30-10.30 Conference. Gianluigi Orsini from Unindustria – Rovigo: Competences required in the new labour market”

10.30-11.00 Coffee-Break

11.00-13.00 Workshop CV writing  and evaluation (computer labs)

Early afternoon departure of first groups (Polish,  English , Basque, Spanish…)

Dinner: free

Saturday 16th April

Departure of remaining groups during the day

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