Euroschoolnet2000 (ESN): AGM minutes 1st October 2020


Jos van Eyk, Chairman (Headteacher, Charlemagne College, Netherlands).

Martijn Ketzer Treasurer (Coordinator, Teacher, Charlemagne College, Netherlands). 

Tim Rumsey Secretary (Coordinator, Teacher, Joyce Frankland Academy, Newport, England).

Marisa Fernandez Sanz, (Coordinator, Teacher, I.E.S Santa Maria La Real, Aguilar De Campóo, Spain).

Duncan Roberts (Principal, Joyce Frankland Academy, Newport, England).

Ornella Sipala (Headteacher, Ettore Majorana, Scordia, Sicily, Italy).

Salvo di Stefano (Coordinator, Teacher, Ettore Majorana, Scordia, Sicily, Italy).

Gordon Farquhar (Principal, King James Academy, Royston, England)

Kate McAuliffe (Coordinator, King James Academy, Royston, England)

Giuseppa Lipera (Coordinator, Liceo Scientifico Statale ‘E. Boggio-Lera’, Catania, Sicily, Italy)

Sanna Niskakoski (Coordinator, Teacher, Yhteislyseon Lukio, Tornio, Finland).

Inma Urteaga (Coordinator, Teacher, IES Urola Ikastola Azkoitia, Basque Country, Spain)

Anna Maria Pastorelli (Headteacher,Rovigo, Liceo Statale “Celio-Roccati,” Italy).

Matteo Milanato (Coordinator, Teacher, Rovigo, Liceo Statale “Celio-Roccati,” Italy).

Caroline Classen (Coordinator, Teacher, Carolus-Magnus-Gymnasium, Übach-Palenberg, Germany).

Maitere Arotzena (Coordinator, Teacher, Urola Ikastola, Azpeitia, Basque Country, Spain).

Maite Garcia (Coordinator, Urola Ikastola, Azpeitia, Basque Country, Spain)

Joanna Pelka (Coordinator, Teacher, The Schools Complex nr. 4, Leszno, Poland).

Maria Manuela Alves Sousa Roch Guimaraes (Headteacher, FORAVE, Lousado, Portugal)

Teresa Lessa Santos (Coordinator, FORAVE, Lousado, Portugal)

Hans Luesink (Honorary member, retired teacher/treasurer ESN 2000, Eijkhagen, Netherlands).

Rafa Sanches Muxika (Honorary member, retired teacher, Azkoitia, Basque Country, Spain)

Richard Priestly (Honorary member, retired headteacher, Newport, England)

This year’s meeting was conducted online.

  1. Welcome

Jos opened the meeting and warmly welcomed all participants including honorary members. Jos encouraged a practical approach to the meeting as it was being held online due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Jos announced that he would be moving to a new school in the far north of NL at 1st November 2020.

  • Apologies

Received from Sue Hembry (Honorary Member, Newport, England), Olga Wolf (Coordinator, Tallinn, Estonia) and, due to illness, Karin Van Buren, (Coordinator & Treasurer Charlemagne College, Netherlands). Jos wished Karin all the best for her recovery.

  • Minutes of previous meetings in 2019 Übach Palenberg

AGM and Committee meeting minutes were approved.

  • Situation in the different countries and the influence on ongoing or planned projects. All representatives are asked to describe their situation and possible solutions.

-Ornella Sipala & Salvo di Stefano (Ettore Majorana, Scordia, Sicily, Italy): a number of projects had been ongoing but have had to be stopped: schools involved were from Azkoitia, Finland, Bulgaria, Portugal. They are in the last year of a project – 6 months extension has been granted but a further 6 months will be needed. 80-100 students travelled last year.

New Erasmus project this year about Charles V with NL, Aguilar, Royston. Also job shadowing taking place with NL and Spain.

– Giuseppa Lipera (Liceo Scientifico Statale ‘E. Boggio-Lera’, Catania, Sicily, Italy): finished 2 bilateral projects this year – Germany & NL. About 70 students, though 1 mobility was missed

-Anna Maria Pastorelli (Rovigo, Liceo Statale “Celio-Roccati,” Italy): arrangements with 6 other schools but these were not completed.

– Maitere Arotzena, Maite Garcia  (Urola Ikastola, Azpeitia, Basque Country, Spain): Maite & Maitere introducedRomal & Mikel who  are the new coordinators and they will forward their details to Martijn. No projects possible this year.

-Inma Urteaga (IES Urola Ikastola Azkoitia, Basque Country, Spain): there is a new coordinator, Agurtzane Mujika.

-Matteo Milanato (Rovigo, Liceo Statale “Celio-Roccati,” Italy): German exchange did not take place. His school is not allowed to travel all year. Open to online exchanges.

Martijn Ketzer (Charlemagne College, Netherlands): The Erasmus sports project with Spain, Germany & UK (Newport) is to be finished. It had to be cut short in March. Sicily exchange took place and an exchange with Germany may take place. They are part of the new Charles V project.

-Caroline Classen (Carolus-Magnus-Gymnasium, Übach-Palenberg, Germany): also involved in the Erasmus sports project which was cut short. Waiting for future projects and open to online exchanges.

-Duncan Roberts (Joyce Frankland Academy, Newport, England): also involved in the Erasmus sports project that was cut short. This has now been extended to summer 2021 and looking forward to finishing it. Not possible to do any school trips at the moment, even within UK. After school clubs have recently been allowed to restart, however.

-Gordon Farquhar (King James Academy, Royston, England): His school are part of the Charles V project. Have been discussing with British Council what funding will be available for Erasmus post-Brexit as this is currently unclear.

Teresa Lessa Santos (FORAVE, Lousado, Portugal): involved in 11 projects but currently only online. Hope to be able to travel from January.

-Marisa Fernandez Sanz, (I.E.S Santa Maria La Real, Aguilar De Campóo, Spain): no travel possible at all currently. Part of the Erasmus sports project which is extended to summer 2021. Italian project now completed. Part of new Charles V project.

Marisa mentioned that there is a new type of Erasmus project now available. It is KA120 and only for schools who have completed at least 3 exchanges previously. Deadline for applications is 29th October.

-Joanna Pelka (The Schools Complex nr. 4, Leszno, Poland): 1 project with Finland, Basque Country & Sicily. Cannot do anything new at the moment.

-Sanna Niskakoski (Yhteislyseon Lukio, Tornio, Finland): participating in same project with Poland.

  • Treasurer’s report

Matijn reported that for last year incomings were €950 (membership fees) and outgoings €53.27 (website costs) The overall positive balance is €3,880.38. This had been intended to be used for the 20th anniversary celebrations this year.

Martijn encouraged all members to pay this year’s  €50 membership fee promptly.

  • Secretary’s report

Nothing to report

  • Website update

Salvo asked for all to send materials for the website and to ensure their school’s details were up to date.

  • Future projects

Jos suggested schools should contact each other individually for these.

  • Additional network activities

Jos encouraged schools to stay in contact with each other for possible additional activities.

  1. Membership developments (new chairman?)

There are no new school membership developments. Jos asked all who have contacts with other schools to encourage them to join our network.

Gordon offered to work with Jos as chairman, sharing the chairmanship and working towards a handover. Jos asked if there was anyone else who would like to, or if everyone was happy with Gordon’s suggestion. This was then agreed upon as the way forward.

  1. Date & venue for next AGM

Jos asked Marisa if Aguilar, who had been due to host this year, would be happy to host next year instead. Marisa agreed.

  1. AOB:

Giuseppa asked if Conchetta Manola, a founding member of the group, could be invited to be an Honorary member. It was agreed that this should happen.

Jos paid tribute to the Honorary members. Rafa spoke to offer his thanks and Hans spoke to thank Jos for all his work as chairman and wish him well for the future.

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