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                                                The Student Fair

The « Salon de l'étudiant » is a Fair for the students. It takes place in « La halle Tony Garnier ».Tony Garnier was a famous architecte in Lyon. Tony Garnier was born in 1869 and designed a lot of buildings like « la halle Tony Garnier », « Edouard Herriot Hospital», «  Gerland Soccer stadium », « the  Etats Unis borough». A lot of schools or universities from every place in France come  to present their curriculum. It is organized by the magazine "L'Etudiant and Onisep", which stands for the National Information Office for Educational and  Vocational programmes. It helps the students with their post graduation studies. It lasts three days from January 13th to January 15th.

by Emilie Perrichon et Raphaelle Lambert



                                                    The World Job Exhibition

The « mondial des métiers » is a fair aimed at students. It takes place at Eurexpo which is in Chassieu a close suburb of Lyon and the site was built in 1984. More than 300 jobs are represented to help the students to choose their best post graduate studies. It is not only for the student but also for all the people who want to get more information from professionals. There are workshops, meetings, speeches and they help to find solutions to questions regarding jobs ads and internships. That exhibition is held on a regular basis every years. A job is a future.

by Emilie Perrichon and  Raphaëlle Lambert



Lyon International exhibition

If you like discovering   peoples' culture , the different tastes of several countries' food for the theme of « the world's colors » , beauty produce for the theme of « welfare » ,and how to make constructions and renovations, how to get new ideas of home decorations while being environmentally-aware... for the theme of « Home & Environment » just  go to Lyon International exhibition from March 16th to 26th .The aim of the exhibition is to sell and the salesmen are professionals . You will have to see the «Expowow exhibition » that relates about the history of Indian Americans as mythic figures and legends dealing with Indian Americans' life : their culture, their lives, the Westward movement, and the war between the Whites and the Indians. To finish there will be workshops to know more about these unknown people.
And this year there are new closing hours , the 17th the 22nd and the 13rd the exhibition will be open till 10 : 00 pm . The admission is free for boys under 16 and girls under 20
During this week there are animations too: « Lyon Models Show » a new event dedicated to automotive modeling and model airplanes; animations about « dance » indeed this year Lyon will welcome fifteen clubs and over 200 dancers to present a dance programme which is rich and varied; « Lilibricole » to train and teach women how to do the right gestures in D.I.Y and deco; « become radio host » participate in a quiz with « Radio Scoop »  a partner and  you may win concert tickets to go and see the celebration  of the 30th birthday of Radio Scoop that will bring  French and  international headliners together.
 by Sabrina Kadri




Actually this event is composed of a lot of groups known or unknown like :
-Shaka Ponk
-DJ Food
-Le Chapelier Fou
-La Phaze
It is principally Electronic music and a lot of teens come to listen to this kind of music , you can spend three nights and some bands perform during those three nights .


If you want to stay just one night( Friday,April 6th ) you have to spend your ticket over the counter , it costs 28 Euros and you stay from 9 pm to 1 am contrary to the second night(Saturday,April 7th ) which costs 25 Euros and you can stay from 10 pm to 5 am and for the last night( Sunday,April 8th ) it is the same schedule and the same price as the second night . But if you also want you can spend three nights in the festival to have more fun and to see all bands ,it costs 50 Euros and you can stay at a hotel or some camping sites in the vicinities


You can commute with the tram, the bus or the metro to go to « 43 Boulevard du 11 Novembre 1918 . In Villeurbanne » ,
 this event is held on a regular basis every year . So if you love electronic music or if you just want to spend a good time just go and enjoy yourself !
by Inès Maatallah



                                                  The INSA 24-hour Rally 
La Doua is a campus, located in Villeurbanne, in the northeast of Lyon. It is the largest university campus of Lyon. The INSA school is a leader in science education and a pioneer of accessibility and diversity. This is one of the few engineering schools which host a High Level Sports Section recognized by the Department of Sports. They are brilliant as well on the sports field which is the setting as they are on the cultural scene, with its Visual Arts, Dance, Music and Theatre Studies which have no equivalent in any other High School. Finally its international openness is a reality with several specific curriculum.
       The 24 hour-INSA Lyon rally is a free event which takes place every year during a weekend in May, on the campus of La Doua in Villeurbanne. It focuses on various endurance races, like riding a bicycle, doing rollerblading, as well as concerts in the evening and daytime entertainments. It attracts about 60,000 people every three days, making it the second villeurbannese event after the Villeurbanne Prompts festival (les invit' de Villeurbanne). It is organized by volunteering students and professors (only members from INSA) grouped in the organisation "Club of 24 hours of the INSA." The event began in 1972 with a cycling race which opposed two students' residences of the INSA for 24 hours. This race repeated each year. The exhibition is held on a regular basis every year. Over the years the race turned in a large fun fair with rides, shows and concerts in the evening.                                                               
by Claire Plossu-Correia




The Whitsun bowling Tournament 
On 15th, 16th and 17th April 1900 ,the French petanque emerged at  Bellecour square of Lyon after starting at Perrache in 1894 . It was the first « True Bellecour ».
The functioning:
The Whitsun Bowling tournament t is a sports contest where many players come especially from the renowned south of France and the 'boulistes'  compete during 3 days. Players come from everywhere  . The tournament takes place in the centre of Lyon and needs fifty playgrounds. This year the constest will be held from  25th to 28 th June . The big  'Bellecour square ' is transformed into gigantic grounds for players.
                                                                   by Perchais Clément



Fourvière's nights
The Nights of Fourvière have been existing since 1946 in Lyon. The Middle aged amphitheatre hosts theatre performances, concerts, dances, circus workshops, film projections. They take place at Fourvière Gallo-Roman Amphitheatre. It is an important event for all  young people aged from 15 and over . This year they will open on Tuesday June 5th 2012 and  stop on Tuesday, July 31st. On the agenda there will be a concert of Bjork on June 30th 2012. The Gallo-Roman Amphitheatre is located on the hill of Fourvière. There are two monuments: the Theatre and l'Odéon. They were very important for the Roman city. It belongs to the UNESCO heritage.
by Ryan Messaad



LYONCITYBOAT. what to do in August ?

How about sailing up and down the Rhone and the Saone ? the two rivers crossing Lyon and going down to the mediterranean sea. You will enjoy discovering the city and its banks while tasting the fine gastronomy of LYON .The city is all lit at night. Some years ago the former Mayor Michel Noir decided to devote a large amount of money to lighting all the bridges. The guide will comment the visit giving information on the architecture and its history. It is worth sightseeing Lyon on the rivers.
by Guy-Junior Perrin



The 'Biennale de la Danse' is held in Lyon every September. It gathers both professionals and amateurs from various cities and countries.
The artists not only perform in original costumes but also parade in excentric dances. It starts on September 13th and ends on 30th. This event is a real masterpiece as it offers any artist either individual or part of a group to perform in public. It is magic by its inventiveness and ingeniosity.
There are some flamenco dances, African ones and so on. The young also compete in hip hop contests.
Lyon turns into an attractive musical place for a fortnight under the sun. it is very colourful by the multicultural

by Marie Juron



    In 2012 the 18th horse exhibition is held at Eurexpo in Lyon from October 27th to November  1st. This horse show reunites lots of people who work in the field of the horse. There are 105 000 square metres  to display plenty of events like an exhibition of the Cadre Noir (the biggest horse Academy) and the Lyon's Symphony or the rounds of the World Cup. In 2011 there were 115 000 visitors at the exhibition.
    Every year Equita organises one round of the World cup of jumping and dressage. During the World cup of horse riding jumpers participate in a lot of rounds in different countries. This year the 3rd step of the World jumping Cup will take place in Lyon. One season is divided into 12 rounds. Rolf-Göran Bengtsson, a Swedish is the world number one and he won the 3rd round in Lyon. In Equita there is also the 2nd step of the world cup of dressage.

That exhibition is held on a regular basis every year.

Claire Molinier



  The Chestnuts Fun Fair takes place in La Croix-Rousse from October 1st to November 13th. That exhibition is held on a regular basis every year.
    There are lots of roundabouts and rides, churros huts, electronic games where you can win toys or money if you are very lucky. This carnival offers the opportunity for the young like  tasting grilled chestnuts, cotton candy, as well as  trying merry-go-rounds and bumper cars.
    La Croix Rousse is an original district, profoundly marked by its past top-place in silk industry .The silk workers named « Les Canuts » in Lyon were the weavers on power looms.

Take the Subway C to Cuire, Stop at Croix-Rousse and there you are !
                                                                                       Laureen Bennani



Beaujolais Nouveau is coming !

That exhibition is held on a regular basis every year. It is celebrated on the 3rd thursday everywhere in France and we could celebrate it in the USA ! (for example Miami).

Beaujolais Nouveau has loads of well-known crus like Chirouble, Fleurie, Brouilly...  And so on !

All of this wine comes from the same grape : « le Gamay noir à jus blanc » black Gamay with white juice

by Guy-Junior  Perrin



How amazing it is ! I am proud to present  the 8th of December celebration ! Do you know what kind of fair it is ? On this day, we celebrate the Virgin Mary.
In 1852 she is said to have saved the city Lyon and its population from the plague. In order to get rid of the disease, the population was told to burn everything.
As a reminder of the fire, the people light candles they put on the windows

But nowadays, we have another vision of this magical day :

The 8th of December is now called the feast of lights ! It regularly attracts loads of people coming from the vicinities. Lyon is one of the most beautiful city in the world ! Over the past few years some city designers have been  requested to participate in the project. Every year they compete to develop outstanding animations and every year they  get more and more original.

Here are some districts full of statues and architectural monuments where the designers elaborate specific decorations.

- Terreaux square
- The old lyon
- La Croix Rousse
- Bellecour square
- Fourvière
by Younes Bouarfa.