Liceo Scientifico Statale “E Majorana” Scordia

LICEO SCIENTIFICO “E.MAJORANA” is a secondary general school and our students (700) range from 14 to 19 years old. In our school there are some students with special needs in perfect armony with the school that work in class with the other pupils helped by a supplementary teacher. It is located in a town with 17.000 inhabitants, surrounded by four other similar towns where most of our students originate from.
Scordia is an agricultural centre with one of the most important intensive citrus industries in Italy. The agricultural crisis has increased the economic problems of these towns, giving origin to gigantic phenomena of juvenile unemployment, accompanied by expressions of uneasiness, like scholastic abandonment. The school is the only government institute of the town and represents a point of reference, a centre of ferment of the social and cultural comparisons of the district. In the same building there are three different school courses: 1) Scientific 2) Human sciences 3)Foreign languages (French, English, Spanish, Deutch)
Special attention has been given, by the school, to international activities in the late 20 years. The first Comenius cultural exchange was organized with a school in the Flanders and took place in 1999. Since then hundreds of mobility activities for students and teachers involving partnerships with schools in 12 European countries have been set up successfully. The school are going to set
up a Ka1 project titled “Let’s go to Europe” that involve in job shadowing and training course teachers, headteacher and school staff
The objectives of the international development plan of the school formalized in the school’s educational and training plan are:
to strengthen the international dimension of education, increasing the ability in understanding and becoming aware of the different cultures in the countries involved in the project, giving the chance of building networks of international contacts, developing a sense of citizenship and European identity.